Dirt roads through the Alps Part 1

Dirt roads through the Alps Part 1

If the road to hell is paved with smart intentions, why not flip those smart intentions into action and opt for the non-paved one? it’d simply lead you to motorbike heaven…


The Via del Sale, conjointly referred to as Route du Marguareis, may be a track in-built the center Ages to move salt from Ventimiglia to Limone Piedmont and from there to Turin. As a result, the road has been widened at specific points and lots of sections were increased and reworked into military roads to attach the many forts situated on the border between Italia and France.

Today, it’s an exquisite dirt road that is (almost) not possible to drive during a automotive, however such a lot the a lot of rideable on your motorbike. It runs on the ridges of the Maritime Alps on the border between Italia and France, during a wild landscape and gorgeous views of the ocean and therefore the mountains.

From the Tenda die, the route leads on through dry and barely overgrown mountain roads, like the Colle del Lago dei Signori and therefore the Colle delle Selle Vecchie, from wherever the road descends quickly through the Regional vale of Valle Pesio and Tanaro. The asphalted road to Monesi starts at Piaggia.

Here one will opt to ride the even less passable road to the two.042 meter high Passo di Tanarello, that is near to the Sacarello mountain (2.200 meters). The latter is adorned with an enormous Hebrew image. The panorama of it extends on clear days to the Mediterranean. If that doesn’t tick a number of the boxes on your bucket list, we’re undecided what’s going to.

Riding the road and therefore the connecting tracks takes the simplest a part of each day, and there area unit a handful of house kind cafes to require an opening at on the means. looks like an ideal day of riding.


The four-card monte Jafferau may be a mountain within the Hautes Alpes,with a highest peak of two.805 m. The gravel road to the highest includes many hairpins, and unfolds for over twenty klick, virtually entirely over two.000 meters on top of the ocean level – crowning it in concert of the best mountain roads of Europe.

There area unit some fairly rocky sections, that create it a small amount more durable to ride it on street tyres: it’s but attainable, however you certain want smart ground clearance. Read: don’t attempt to conquer it on a traditional streetbike.

The last section towards the summit of Forte Jafferau may be a rather rough patch, ideally not one to undertake on your own. The slope of the road is a smaller amount than twelve-tone system, and therefore the breadth is around three meters. After rain, even one downfall, conditions of the road are often difficult. electrical storm activity will quickly amendment caliche-topped roads into correct enduro condition or render them even unpassable.

The path is vulnerable to rock falls, thus it will and can be tough in places. Further on, bear in mind that the road from Gleise, via building Jafferau and therefore the incline (maintenance road) is closed for all motorized traffic! The road going from Salbertrand to four-card monte Jafferau is feasible, however you have got to pass the (officially closed) tunnel. you’ll be able to pass it, however want smart ground clearance and you cannot couple on your own ! It’s open from could to Gregorian calendar month.